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What does the future look like?

Before you worry that I’ve turned into someone who makes predictions, don’t despair! The last few months have been busy on the business front, and we have been taking some time to revisit our business plan and start to map out what we would like to achieve as a team in the next 10 years and beyond.

It has certainly proven to be an exciting process and I wanted to share this with you.

An intimate business

A key word that came out of our thinking was ‘intimate’.

We have always focused on ensuring we keep the number of client families we work with low so we can deliver a very personal and intimate service.

Our wish and overall aim is that you never feel like a number on a spreadsheet and as such we are committed to forging deep relationships with all of our clients ensuring, not only that we know what’s important to you, but also that we care about you and enjoy our time together.

This approach will continue to remain central to our future. We have no wish to build a big impersonal business. Everything we do will be focused on keeping and enhancing that personal approach.

Service & Experience

We focus on delivering value through delivering a top class service and experience over long-term relationships. This value comes in both tangible ways (cash flow modelling, investment returns, tax savings, lower fund management costs, etc.) and intangible ways (peace of mind, confidence, second opinion, trusted relationship, etc.).

During the next 10 years we will continue to explore how we can add additional value and enhance the experience that you enjoy when working with us. The value in what we do will be shaped by you and as our clients are all so unique – we promise to keep this at the core of our thinking going forward.


A key part of growing a business that takes an intimate approach is to be careful and deliberate with the number of client families we work with.

The plan over the next 10 years is to take on somewhere between 3 to 5 new client families a year. This will give us sufficient growth in our business and our revenues to keep developing and moving forward, without diluting that close and personal feeling of working with us.

This growth is best delivered from referrals from our existing clients. This is because it is you as our clients who know us the best and have experienced first-hand the true value and the life changing impact that we can have on you and your families.


We are thrilled that our team is really starting to take shape. Natalie has settled in well as our new administrator and is currently enjoying her maternity leave. You should see her back with us in the middle of next year.

In order to meet our 10 year goals, we are planning for the recruitment of additional people in both technical/advice and administration roles.

These roles will stretch across a number of areas including business operations, client care and technical administration. Essentially, these new roles will have the broad remit of helping to run the business, develop our client experience and deliver on our longer-term business plan. They will also help make my life easier and help maintain our work life balance as the business steadily grows.

We will be looking for someone within the next 6 – 12 months with existing experience to really hit the ground running.

The plan is that by adding our next new recruit to our existing team, we can really deliver a fantastic experience for our current and future clients, whilst ensuring everyone on the team has the time and freedom to enjoy their lives too. Hopefully, this person will also gain a role that is enjoyable, challenging and rewarding.

If you know of anyone who would be interested in any of these roles, I’m happy to talk to them any time.


I’m excited about our future. We have built a lovely intimate business that looks to help our clients use their assets to live the life they want to live. The focus is on building on this base, enhancing the experience and ensuring we continue to help our clients live the life they want both now and into the future.