How we help


As an established solicitor, managing your finances on top of your busy professional life can be a daunting task.

The solicitors that we work with are typically further along in their career; you’ve been focused on building your practice for many years. Your children are likely to be older; they might have already finished their education. Things look different now to how they used to. You now have more freedom in terms of time and money, to use as you wish.

Your financial needs are likely to be complex and tax-driven. Whilst you might have significant savings, pensions and investments, you are likely looking for clarity on the income they will provide. Hand in hand with your financial strategy come your aspirations and goals, both for now and the future. We find that many solicitors are so busy they lack meaningful time with their families; we will help you to get the balance right, so you can start living your ideal lifestyle today.

Whether you’re hoping to retire soon, or simply achieve a better work-life balance and financial clarity, we can help. We follow a comprehensive lifestyle financial planning process. The steps we follow will give you the clarity and confidence you need to achieve your aspirations.

Here’s how we work:

  • From the very first meeting, our focus is on you. We take the time to really get to know you, understanding the hopes, dreams and concerns you have, both for now and for the future.
  • Once we have a picture of where you are now and where you want to be, we can design a financial roadmap to get you there. This will answer important questions such as…
    • What can we afford to do in the future?
    • How much is enough to give us the life we want?
    • Will we run out of money?
    • Is our current strategy going to deliver the future we want?
    • How do we cope if one of us dies or has a long-term illness?
  • We use analytical tools to answer these questions, and more. We establish what you need to do to make your future plans a reality. For some, the answers might involve saving more, retiring later, spending less or downsizing the home. For others, it might mean retiring earlier, spending more or gifting money to others.
  • We will then present our recommendations and explore the financial plan we have created for you. The plan will include various solutions and strategies to help you achieve your financial and life goals. Once you are happy with the plan, you can relax whilst we complete the implementation stage. We will help you fill out the paperwork and contact all the providers for you.
  • Our work doesn’t just end there. We’ll remain with you every step of the way, there to review your goals and adapt your plan as your circumstances change. Over time, we hope you will consider us as your friend as well as your trusted adviser; we’ll always be sat on your side of the table. All that’s left for you to do is get on with living the life you want to live.