Stories of the real people we've helped

Client stories

We believe that financial planning makes a real and lasting impact on our clients’ lives. Here are just some of the stories of the people we have helped.

Working professionals - Harry and Lucy

Harry was a senior partner, whilst Lucy worked part-time. Harry wanted to know what income his pensions would deliver and when he could retire. He was also keen to stop working away from home during the week and instead spend more time with his family.

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Ready to retire - Ian and Olivia

Ian and Olivia were in their early 60s. Ian was a senior director in a large and successful pharmaceutical firm, whilst Olivia was retired. The couple asked us to review their various pension arrangements with a view to targeting Ian’s desired retirement date.

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Sudden bereavement - Nigel and Harriet

Nigel had suffered a heart attack which had made him re-assess his future. He was looking for a financial professional he could trust to help his wife Harriet after he was gone. One year after our initial meeting, Nigel passed away; we helped Harriet handle the financial implications.

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