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Money can’t buy you happiness… or can it?

This is one of those common sayings that everyone is likely to have heard at some point in their lives. The common wisdom is that money can buy material ‘things’, but true happiness comes from inside. But how true is this?

I would challenge that money used in the right way, can buy you happiness. Let me explain… My theory is that when money is spent on material things, you end up no happier. After the initial euphoria of making a big purchase such as a new TV or phone, do you stay happy?

What about if you used money to buy ‘experiences’? These experiences need to be what’s really important to you. It might be ‘buying’…

  • The freedom to spend time with family and those closest to you,
  • The ability to help a friend in need,
  • The ability to travel the world,
  • The financial freedom to give time volunteering at a charity and making a difference,
  • Do what you REALLY want to do with your time.

These provide you with a purpose. A reason to get out of bed in the morning and look forward to the day. A reason to feel good about the contribution you are making. I believe this is what leads to true happiness.

Money can buy you happiness. But only if spent in a meaningful way that will fulfil and enrich your life. Discovering those experiences and matching the money to them is financial planning at its best.

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