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Life is short… so make the most of it!

Life is busy and time seems to fly by in an instant, especially as we get older. But sometimes we are reminded how short life can be.

In my work, we spend a lot of time discussing money with clients. This includes investment performance, pensions, tax, incomes, expenses and everything in between. However, in the detail, it’s easy to become fixated on accumulating and growing wealth. Not a bad habit, per se. But it misses the key question which should drive everything… What’s the money for?

Financial planning is all about finding out what’s important to you and then matching your money to those life goals. This involves creating a balance between having enough money to last your lifetime, and enjoying yourself now.

Yesterday I was reminded how fragile life can be, so do the things that matter to you. Work out what these are, set your goals and put together a plan to enjoy your money whilst you are fit and healthy.

If you want some expert help in creating a plan that gives you confidence in living your life now, without creating a problem for later, please do get in contact.