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An alternative bucket list

I’m sure you’ve heard of the idea of a bucket list. The Cambridge Dictionary defines it as “a list of the things that a person would like to do or achieve before they die”. In fact, I’ve talked about bucket lists before, however, why not take it a step further?

The traditional bucket list focuses on life events that someone wants to do. It might be to go on a cruise, visit a specific country or learn a musical instrument. But what about reversing the thinking slightly?

Suppose you were on your deathbed, what would you regret not having done with your life? The list of regrets may include:

  • Not spending enough time with your partner, children and wider family;
  • Working too long in a job you don’t enjoy and/or find stressful;
  • Not chasing your dreams when you had the health to do so – starting that business, running a marathon, travelling, doing the charity work close to your heart;
  • Not spending more time with your close friends;
  • Not telling the people you care about how much they mean to you;
  • Not spending life being happy and making memories.

Now that I’ve thoroughly upset you! Take this list of regrets and turn it into a list to live your life by. Your overall life goal should be to make sure that you leave as few items left unchecked on that list as possible.

When should you start ticking things off that list? As quickly as possible! Life isn’t a rehearsal, and you never know when your time will be called. So make a plan. If an item requires money lets build a plan to figure out when you can afford to do it, without tripping up your financial future. If you can’t afford it right now, you may have to balance this wish with other priorities.

If you (or someone you know) would like some help creating your list, or building your financial plan to make it a reality, please feel free to get in contact.

And finally, enjoy living the life you truly want. Let me know how you go.