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Relax, recharge and make memories

I have recently returned from a family trip to Cyprus and it illustrated that the downtime away from home can be such important time.

We moved house last year, and, as a result, we prioritised getting settled in our new home and the various purchases that go along with that process. This meant that we didn’t have a Summer family holiday in 2018. Now, I don’t regret this for one minute, but it meant that I was very ready for a family holiday this year! I just didn’t realise how much I needed it…

From the moment we got on the plane, we had a wonderful trip. We spent lots of time together, in the pool… family meals out… ice cream (every day)… day trips to archaeological sites… a jeep safari… a trip in a glass bottom boat… Even just playing cards in the evening.

On the drive back to the airport, I remarked to Sandra how lovely the trip had been. Now we are already a close family. Doing what I do, I am acutely aware of how precious time is and how important it is to live a great life; as life isn’t a rehearsal. However, it’s easy to get swept up in the day to day goings on of running a business and living a busy family life. You can get stretched in different directions without even realising.

Time out to spend time with those you love without the distraction of every day life is important. To be able to step away from the hustle and bustle, put down technology and really connect with yourself, your family and a different culture was refreshing and relaxing. Not only that, but you come back to everyday life refreshed and revitalised, ready to go.

To top it all off, you make cherished memories that stay with you forever. These are what I look back on and really hold dear, long after the tan has faded.

So get out there, relax, recharge and make memories. I’m already looking at booking our next set of family holiday memories…