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Don’t leave it too late

We all act like life is never ending. Busying around with work and general life. We can be guilty of neglecting the relationships in our life.

Recently I had a twitter conversation with Dennis Moseley-Williams. We’ve never met face to face, but we have interacted through the web and he seems like a thoroughly nice guy. He is a wise (I’m sure he’ll blush at that) Canadian business coach who said in this particular tweet…

“… Everything is about creating time together, well invested. Memories. Shared stories. A sense of belonging. Knowing who you and “we” are.”

He was talking about spending time with his kids, but it can apply to anyone who is special to you. What he didn’t know was that it was particularly poignant to me as he sent this on the day my uncle died.

My uncle lives in Scotland and a combination of Covid and general busy-ness in life meant that I hadn’t seen him for three years. He’s not been in the best of health, but there was nothing that suggested his time was imminent. In a cruel irony, we had already booked to go to Scotland for a surprise visit. He will now never know as he died four days before our planned arrival.

My last message to him didn’t mention our visit, but it did mention that I was thinking of him and that I loved him. This was close to the end and he was too ill to read it, but my auntie managed to convey the message to  him. I like to think that he understood.

Life is short. We never know how long we, or someone we love, has got left. Don’t leave it too late to create memories, reach out to someone or spend time together. If you’ve been putting it off, do it now.

We all know this, but it is easy to forget in the busy-ness of life.