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Changes to the world of Financial Advice

At the end of this year, there will be two important changes made in the world of financial advice.

1. All advisers will need to hold a Statement of Professional Standing awarded from a professional body. This statement will show that the adviser has acheived a minimum of level 4 in qualifications, higher than the current standard imposed.

2. Advisers will also need to operate on an Adviser Charging basis. This means that commission will be abolished, and all advisers will need to agree with their clients a fee for the work being carried out. This will mean that the cost of financial advice will be clearer to the general public.

I am pleased to inform you that Clear Vision Financial Planning is ahead of the curve on this front. Our primary adviser is already at level 6, the top level of qualification in the UK, and has already been awarded the Statement of Professional Standing certificate. Equally, our main method of charging is fee based with all charges being agreed upfront with the client.

Is your adviser is at this level? Yes, congratulations! No, why not?