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And Breathe…

If you have an Apple watch, you may get reminded to breathe from time to time. This little app pops up with reminders to take time to breathe deeply and to focus on the process of taking a breath. Now more than ever, the reminder to slowdown and focus on your breathe is invaluable.

It’s easy to panic if we watch the news channels. We see the numbers of infected and the death toll rising as well as talk of government debt and recessions. However, it’s important to pull yourself away from the constant stream of negativity and focus on the here and now. A breathing exercise can be great for this.

If you don’t have an Apple watch, there are various resources you can use to get the same result. There is an app called ‘Headspace’ that you can download onto your smartphone that takes you through guided breathing exercises. Equally, you can just do the exercises on the NHS website here.

Once you have collected yourself, focus on the positives. Here are four things to focus on for this weekend…

  1. Look at your spending patterns – This is a great opportunity to assess your spending patterns. What’s really important to you? Are there direct debits that you pay that serve no purpose? Is your spending aligned with the life you want to lead? Are you spending money on things you don’t really need?
  2. Assess what’s important to you – look at your goals and priorities. Is this experience changing how you think about your life? Is it changing your definition of what your ‘best life’ is? Is it changing what’s important to you? If so, perhaps it’s something to discuss at some point so we can factor that into your financial plan.
  3. Make a bucket list – This won’t last forever. Use this as an opportunity to think about what life experiences you would like to engage in when we are free to move about and travel again. Where will you go? What will you do
  4. Connect – At a time like this, family, friends and community are more important than ever. Make sure you connect with them. This could be via video call, phone, letter, card or just dropping something off and having a chat from afar. Personally, my wife has found a great app called Touchnote (I’m sure there are lots of similar services available) that allows us to create a personalised postcard with a picture and text that is then posted to the chosen recipient. The few we have sent out so far have been a nice personal touch (with photos of our children) to family who don’t have video calling available.

If you know of anyone who is really panicking about their pensions, investments and retirement plans, please feel free to connect them to me. As you all know, my door is always open and I will help where I can.

Stay safe, healthy and please reach out if you would like to chat about anything at all. Have a great weekend and remember… breathe.